Terms and Conditions


Listed below are the terms and conditions to which a user agrees in loading, registering with, and/or using (“Site”).


1. Purpose of the Site

The Site is for matching people who are interested in teaching language with people who interested in studying language in Hong Kong. The Site is not a tutoring agent, we assumes no responsibility or liability for the User’s relationship or attempt at forming a relationship, be such a relationship professional or personal, with another user. Any relationship that the User chooses to form with another person shall not be the responsibility of the Site.

A teacher-student relationship including payment and/or receipt of payment for teaching services is independent from the Site. Tutors should negotiate the tutoring affair with each student directly.


2. Proper Use

User must agree to provide accurate information in their profile regarding their contact information, location, teaching ability, teaching qualifications, availability, and all other information submitted to the Site.

User must have ownership and authority of usage over the image you submitted. No obscene/ offensive/ adult images will be accepted. If the submitted image is rejected, you will have the opportunity to provide an alternative.

User acknowledges that by submitting information to the Site, the User is making such information available on the Internet. The user agrees to release the Site Company from responsibility or liability for the disclosure of such information and for any contact of the User by a third party, whether intended or unintended by the user.

The User agrees to use the Site as intended by the Company as described, and agrees to not use the Site in a way that detracts from or inhibits any use of the Site by another user or the Company.

The User also agrees to treat any person whose contact information has been disclosed to the user on or through the Site in a respectful manner.

The user agrees to load, register with, use, and/or attempt to use the Site at their own risk.

Tutor acknowledges that he / she shall abide all local laws in Hong Kong, S.A.R. before taking up any tutor jobs.

3. Others

All price listed in the Site is Hong Kong dollars.

We are not liable for any cost or damage arising from using our website.

We are not responsible for any accidents and/or damages which may occur during tutoring.

For those websites linked with us, we are not responsible for any damage/ loss occurred and user should bear any risks which may occur.

Students/ Parents/ Companies/ Language Tutors' speech and behaviour are representative of themselves and not on behalf of us or the Site.

We are not responsible for any monetary affair between Students/ Parents/ Institutes/ Language Tutors.

If the user violates any of the above terms and conditions, we may have the right to terminate the registration of the User without prior notice. We also reserves the right to deny future registration to the User should they attempt to register again with the Site at a later time.

We reserve the right to change the content of our website at any time without advance notice.